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ProPay® Integration

Accepting and managing credit card payments has never been easier with Strive's seamless ProPay integration. Stay organized and get paid faster with AtHomesoft Strive® by:

Process Credit Cards With ProPay
Customer credit card payments can be entered into Strive and seamlessly processed using our secure ProPay integration. If you're working offline, you can still enter your customers' credit cards, and then process all of them when you are re-connected to the internet.  In addition, the payment ProPay processing charges are automatically added as an expense.

Payment Screen  
Create Pay Now Links & Get Paid Faster
Not only can you process payments in Strive for your business, but you also have the ability to create hyperlinks that can be sent to your customer via email. Imagine the amount of time you will save when your customers have the ability to pay by credit card from a simple email. Pay Now CircleBy clicking this link, your customer can the transfer funds directly into your ProPay account. Once a customer pays you using this method, Strive will automatically detect the payment and update the customers balance. It will also automatically create an expense to track the ProPay processing fee.

How does this work?
  1. Within Strive, you select to email the customer their invoice with a Pay Now hyperlink in the email body. You can even use this feature with web based email, by creating a payment link and copying this into your customer's email.

  2. Your customer will receive an email from you. The customer then clicks the hyperlink which will open the Pay Now page. They enter their credit card details and click the Pay Now button.

  3. After a payment is processed, both you and your customer will receive a confirmation email. The next time you open Strive, your new payment will automatically be detected and you can import it into Strive. You can choose to check for new payments at any time by clicking Check for Online Payments.

Automatically Track Processing Fees
Each time a credit card is processed in Strive, a corresponding expense entry will be created. This expense entry is used to track the ProPay credit card processing fees. You enable this feature as well as configure the fees in the Application Settings Dialog.

Application Settings